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Kékfrankos - dry

Kékfrankos - dry

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In Hungary, most of the planted surface of the traditional blue grape varieties is blue-green. This deployment rate, on the one hand, expresses the value judgment of several generations of Hungarian wine cellars, on the other hand, it also means that today's Hungarian red wine loving wine-growing population has grown up in the blue sky. As a grape variety, it has excellent qualities, reliably high quality in almost every vintage, as well as a wine variety that is excellent for general popularity. On the basis of its organoleptic characteristics, Kékfrankos stands in the origin, compared to the wines, that it is more acidic or softer, darker or lighter, more fruitful or matured. Its color is purple, its smell, its taste reminiscent of blackberries, slightly tart, yet fresh, fruity. It is recommended for consumption of red meat and Hungarian food at 18 ° C. Nice cheers!


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