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Kisburgundi Blue - Sweet

Kisburgundi Blue - Sweet

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The French call it Pinot Noir, a medium-sized, well-ripened grape, which gives excellent quality in good years, but also makes itself well in poorer vintages. Perfect for making sweet wine. Bora's purple, sour cherry, sherrys and flavored chocolate can be discovered. It is on the label, or even the highlight of the sweet sign, as opposed to the current EU practice and regulations, which does not make it obligatory: according to the general belief that "French wine producer" has been generously said, "The consumer has the right not to know everything about wine" and to drink his favorite sweet wine with dry wine-consciousness. So I recommend this wine to the brave, self-conscious lovers of sweet wines, especially spicy, Hungarian food, pasta, cheeses. I recommend its consumption at room temperature. Nice cheers!


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